Molly Graw​ Reviews


“As a first-time home out-of-town homebuyer during a pandemic, I would expect a lot of trouble and inconveniences that could take months to find our dream home. Luckily, we found Molly through referral and the experience could not be more enjoyable and stress-free. Molly is very knowledgeable to the local housing market, listens and takes notes of what my partner and I care for our first home, is very patient with all our request, and is super organized to arrange the house visits etc. With her help, we are able to find and purchase our dream home within 2 months. During the closing and after the closing, Molly continues to help us arrange the various fixes with her broad network, without us present since we are out of town. We are able to move into our new home with everything taken care of. Truly 100% worry-free and satisfaction. I truly recommend Molly to anyone who is planning to purchase or sell a property. We will definitely work with Molly again when we are looking to upgrade our primary home in 5-7 years timeframe!”

– Simon & Juan, Buyer


“Molly is simply Great!”

“I contacted Molly to sell my home in the summer of 2020- right in the middle of Covid shut downs. Molly quickly assessed my property and developed a comprehensive game plan to sell my house in this unusual market. Her unique knowledge of our local real estate scene proved indispensable throughout the process.”

“Molly offered years of experience and expertise to navigate each step of the sale. From assistance with upgrades and design to specific market strategies to maximize results, Molly handled it all with professionalism. All the while being responsive, friendly and a genuine collaborator.”

“I could not have had a better experience with Molly handling my home sale, and I have the results to prove it!”

– Mike M., Seller


“Molly is knowledgeable and professional, while being a tiger and fighting for our best interest every step of the way. We had another agent originally with an escrow that ended up cancelling. At that time we made the decision to change agents and are so glad we made the change to Molly. Her experience got us through the early Covid market ups and downs and finally a sale. She mastered all the regulations professionally with still drawing interest to our property. Molly also made sure to focus on the quality of our home so items that many people don’t normally notice, get noticed, and make our house stand out above others. I’ll be using Molly for my next sale and any future ones.”

– Dawn B., Seller