Susan Jensen Reviews

“My husband and I are so happy that we chose Susan and Alli as our real estate agents. They were on top of everything and always available for any questions or concerns. It was amazing how quickly they would respond! They listened to us, never pressured us, and calmed our nerves. And Alli’s staging was beautiful, turning the vacant house into a cozy home. Highly recommend both Susan and Alli!”

Thank you, Susan, there’s nobody like you . . . and that’s the biggest of compliments. YOU were meant to be my agent.”

“Thank you for being tenacious. I NEVER would have gotten this house without your persistence. I ultimately went over my budget but I simply adore this house and had to have it. You made my dream possible by negotiating the best price, beating out a higher offer and saving me pennies everywhere possible. It was the one we were waiting for. Thank you for your patience and negotiating on those previous home that I ultimately decided against.”

“It was a miracle that we got my home sold so quickly and for a great price. You were the one pounding the pavement making it happen. Thank you for showing me how to stand tall throughout by your perseverance.”

“I honestly hope this is it and I don’t have to sell again but the future is unknown. So if I’m ever in the market, you’ll be the one by my side.”

– Malissia Clinton


“Susan Jensen was wonderful. I would recommend her to anyone buyer or selling in the Manhattan Beach / Hermosa Beach area.”

– Linda Gross


“Have used Susan on several properties. She is amazing, reliable, trustworthy and almost like family to us. We are very pleased with her service”

– Clark Soderlund


“I was the seller of this property. My principal residence is in Oregon so it was extremely important to find a realtor who could work with me being out of state. Susan Jensen is professional, personal, and her knowledge of the area and buyers was excellent. She is the best realtor I have worked with in my life and will recommend her to everyone who is looking for a realtor in the South Bay area.”

“Due to Susan’s expertise, escrow and title went very smoothly. This experience was wonderful.”

– Madeline Seymour